Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day: No Words

I felt it is important to post about Memorial Day but the words escape me. What do you say about those that were willing to lay down their lives to protect my freedom to flip burgers and buy large screen TV's?  I realize words are insufficient to pay tribute to soldiers (past, present and future) and their families for the sacrifice they have endured so I needn't sacrifice. In place of words, I can offer some numbers:

Total casualties (dead and wounded) from the Revolutionary War through current day:   2.5 million
Total population of Chicago, IL: almost 2.7 million

POW/MIA since WWII still unaccounted: over 83,000
Total McDonalds, Burger King and 7-11 worldwide: approx. 83,000

Countries arising from the Revolutionary War: 1

Without our veterans, there might not be an us and there wouldn't be a U.S.

Before I flip burgers (and holidays are for spending time with family) or buy a large screen TV (I've worked for it and I'm worth it) I'm going to dedicate some time to our soldiers killed in war. Why not join me? 

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