Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The One Must-Have Twitter Tool.

Way, way back in November, 2009 (Nov. 30th to be exact) I joined Twitter. Early on, I realized Twitter was a very powerful tool, a tool that I would need some help in harnessing. In January, 2010 I purchased two books about Twitter. The first, "Twitter Marketing An Hour A Day" by Hollis Thomases was a tremendous help and led me to my 1st tribe, the HTArmy. The other book was the pocket version of "Twitter for Dummies".

One of the authors of "Twitter for Dummies" is Laura Fitton. I'm sure there are people that know Laura as Laura, but I know Laura by perhaps the best Twitter handle ever, @pistachio. My connection with @pistachio led me to her start-up, oneforty.com.

oneforty.com was an indispensable tool. The catalog of Twitter apps (with reviews) helped me pick and choose the tools that directed my Twitter account. I must have only scratched the surface of oneforty.com because oneforty.com was purchased by Hubspot in mid-2011. Hubspot had synergies with oneforty.com but decided to not invest resources in the Twitter apps compilation. What's a Twitterphile to do?

Not to worry. With the support of Hubspot and in the spirit of @pistachio and her oneforty.com team, Socdir is here to fill the void.  When you have a chance, check out Socdir. Want to fine tune your Twitter experience? Check out Socdir. Take a moment and bookmark Socdir. It's the one must-have Twitter tool.


  1. I give you credit. I had to draw a line somewhere in all the social media that happened to take it from me. My line stopped right before before Twitter. I'm missing out, I know, but it is what it is, I guess. I'm actually silently leaving my Facebook Account since I've set up a page for my blog and business, separating it from my personal profile account.

    1. I.M.,
      I too have drawn a line, if only because there are at least 20 new social networks launching while I reply to your comment. Seriously, though, Twitter happens to be my 1st love and FB, blogging and even LinkedIn grew due to my Twitter activity. As for missing out, there is always something else I would like to be doing, but given a finite # of hours in a day and a sleep requirement, I have to decide what gets moved aside to do the new thing. If you're maxed out and fulfilled by your priorities,you're not really missing anything.

  2. Awwww, thanks Barry. And you're right, almost nobody calls me Laura, which is actually pretty fun. Freaks people out at the non-social media conferences. I'm all "Hi, I'm Pistachio!"

  3. Pistachio,
    Thanks for stopping by and thank you. Your book and oneforty.com helped me learn the Twitter basics and grow from there. Additionally, exchanges with you and a few other "pro" tweeters introduced me to the egalitarian nature of Twitter, which made the experience a whole lot more fun. Thanks for all your help and hey, any new ventures?