Thursday, March 22, 2012

ROL: Be Yourself.

ROL is an abbreviation of the words Return on Life. ROL is the "live a fuller life" counterpart of the financial measure ROI. The concept of ROL is to make small, simple, incremental life changes that have to potential to pay off big time. This week's ROL is about being yourself.
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I Want To Be Your President.
Willard Mitt Romney is running for the Republican nomination to oppose President Barack Obama in the 2012 election for President of the USA. Mr. Romney has a well funded and well organized campaign organization. None the less,  Mr. Romney appears to be challenged connecting with the electorate. Mr. Romney is extremely rich and seems uncomfortable with his wealth.
Used His Resources.
Mitt Romney's father, George Romney was the chairman of American Motors Corp. and a former Governor of Michigan. George Romney was also in the running for 1964 Republican nomination to run for President on The USA, eventually dropping out of the race. Mitt Romney made good use of his privileged birth, graduating from Brigham Young University and earning a joint JD and MBA from Harvard. Mitt Romney entered management consulting and eventually became CEO of Bain Capital. Whatever wealth the Romney family may have had, Mitt Romney has substantially increased that wealth. Mitt Romney is an American success story.
One Of You?
Mitt Romney continually appears uncomfortable with his wealth. Examples include:
  • Offering to wager $10,000 with Gov. Rick Perry during a publicly televised debate.
  • While attending the Daytona 500, Mr. Romney offered "I have friends who own NASCAR teams."
  • When asked about Peyton Manning leaving the Indianapolis Colts, Mr. Romney said, "I've got a lot of good friends-the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets-both owners are friends of mine."
In all three cases the press has used the quotes to suggest Mr. Romney is out of touch. In all three cases Mr. Romney has really not offered a response to the criticism.
Embrace Self-Wealth.
Mr. Romney is failing to be true to who he is. Whenever his personal fortune is suggested to be a liability, Mr. Romney should embrace his wealth. For example: "Yes I'm rich. I was born into opportunity and made the most of it, unlike many others (picture of Paris Hilton). I am friends with my peers, who also happen to be rich. As President, it would be my goal to create an environment where anyone that wishes could exceed the accomplishments of his/her parents." And poof, no more pot shots (without an answer).

We all are who we are and none of us can escape who we are. Trying to be different than ourselves comes across stiff and disingenuous. Even when you're a multi-millionaire.

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