Thursday, March 1, 2012

ROL: Nobody Beats You.

ROL(Return on Life) is the "help improve your life" counterpart of ROI (Return on Investment). Simply stated, ROL suggests incremental changes or activities that can produce major returns toward a better quality of life (QOL). This week's ROL is about your personal touch.

Illinois primary election day is in less than 3 weeks. I have already received 5 phone calls regarding the upcoming election. All calls we're regarding the open Illinois State Senate seat in District 34. 4 calls were regarding 1 candidate, requesting my support. The other call was from a candidate asking for my support.

I will be voting on March 20th, but only once despite my Chicago roots. I still haven't decided who will get my vote for the Illinois State Senate. I had been leaning toward the candidate whose volunteers called me 4 times. But the candidate that called me personally grabbed my attention and will get my consideration. His personal phone call had the appropriate effect.

I'm not against email, texting, Tweeting, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates. There is something special about a personal phone call, thank you note (handwritten) or visit. When I get all of you not just a piece of you, I am impressed and I will listen.


  1. I agree with this post. I like and admire someone who goes out of their way to show me their appreciation or make me feel I matter.

  2. I agree. The most satisfying thank you is, in my mind, a hand written, personal note. It shows thought and it shows you care. Same goes for the original contact, speak to me, face to face or if that's not possible, on the phone. It is so much more personal than an email or a quick text/twitter message.


  3. So very true, Barry! While we do love our world of social media, there's nothing better than a personal interaction with someone. Enjoy your weekend!