Thursday, March 15, 2012

ROL: Heed A Warning.

ROL is an abbreviation for Return on Life. Return on Life is all about making small incremental changes that yield large returns on life enjoyment. This week's ROL is about heeding a warning.
source: morgueFilecom

Emperor: "Hey Brutus, I was working the rope line outside the forum and the strangest thing happened. A guy in a conical hat"
      Brutus: "What was so funny about his hat?"
Emperor: "Conical, not comical. Save that shtick for the Senate. Anyway, this guy with a long beard and a cone shaped hat warned me about the rides of March. Is there a carnival fund raiser in March?"
      Brutus: "No carnival. He must have said Ides of... No worries Emperor Caesar. He's just another moon gazer."

It's important to pay attention to the signs all around. When offered a warning, pay attention and fully evaluate all the potential danger before merely dismissing the warning.  Listening to a warning, even from outside a circle of intimates could be a life changing choice.