Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Zealot's Dilemma.

As the nomination process for the Republican candidate for President continues, a question looms larger every day. What is Rick Santorum going to do?
source: Wikipedia

To clarify, how will Rick Santorum choose a running mate if he wins the Republican nomination for President? Conventional wisdom is to choose a running mate to help balance the ticket. For example, in the 2008 Presidential election, the Republicans selected a cranky old man from the southwest and balanced him with a mean spirited woman from the northwest. Okay, that's not a great example but the concept is clear.

Santorum is both a fiscal and social conservative. Their is no room to budge as a fiscal conservative because the less tax crowd is also the "money to run the campaign" crowd. Their appears to be no room to move as a social conservative, either. In severely criticizing the speech of candidate John F. Kennedy on the separation of faith and governance, Santorum has made his own stance on personal faith and public policy clear. I'm not criticizing (at least today) Sen. Santorum on his mix of faith and government, but should he earn the GOP nomination for President he will face a tough choice: Either choose a running mate for balance and compromise his public stance on belief and governing, or choose a running mate that mirrors his beliefs and lose the election.

Many have been faced with a similar dilemma. Compromise on strong (ultimate) principals for gain or maintain strong principles and fail. What would you choose?


  1. I actually just hope he keeps doing and saying ridiculous stuff. Makes everything much easier.

    1. Christina,
      In many ways his words do make things easier, until you look at his vote totals and consider the words "a jury of your peers". Thanks for dropping by.

  2. the man hates women. he'll never be president. and if he DOES become president i will move out of the country. no lie. 'cause you KNOW he'll find a way to fuck us over to the point where we'll get NOTHING in the line of health care, womanly medical needs, etc. not to mention he endorses and supports rape... >.>

    1. Jenny,
      I think it's unfair to say Sen. Santorum hates women. I think it is fair to say that his model of an independent 21st century woman (person, actually but your emphasis was women so I'll stay there) differs significantly from an overwhelming number of citizens of the US. I too, doubt he'll be elected. Still, I found Reagan and Bush Jr to be ignorant boobs yet they both won two terms. And if Santorum does get elected, be of strong heart. He can't impose his vision unilaterally.
      Thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.