Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Better Me.

As part of my ongoing project to be better today than I was yesterday:

I posted in February I was regularly shunning the internet  to be more available to my family. Specifically, I stay away from major online activities nightly after dinner until wakeup the next AM. Occasionally I hop on, when I feel compelled to comment on a post I had read earlier in the day. Sometimes I write a post to stay close to my goal of posting 4-5 times a week when contract work will send me out early in the morning. Without a doubt, unplugging at night has a negative impact on growing my blog and expanding my social media presence. Still, when it comes time to write my eulogy my kids won't say, "He was a cranky jerk who never had time for us, but at least he was a social media ace." My decision to spend evenings attending to my family instead of growing my Twitterverse has been a good one.

I posted in January about adding regular walking to my routine for better overall health. In conjunction with the (not so) regular walking I added a nutrition tacking app to my smartphone last week. The app took some basic statistics and put me on a program to lose some weight. Well actually, a lot of weight. 50+ lbs in 11 months. If successful, I will weigh less than I have since college (perhaps my only fond memory of the Carter presidency). The app has already had the effect of making me think about my food choices as well as actively looking to include physical activity in my daily routine.

What changes have you made recently (or not so recently) to be a better you? Is there anything you would like to reincorporate into your daily routine?


  1. The question is appropriate for me today! See my new goals for today's milestone birthday. You don't see it in the post's pictures, but I added "Be Present" for the exact reason you cited above.

    1. Lilly,
      It's always good to review and renew personal planning, so long as the renew gets put in to play. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I find I can't say "No" if someone needs me for a committee or a project. I'm working on occasionally using the two letter word rather than its opposite three letter word.

  3. Hal,
    Learning how to say "No" is a great skill. For training wheels consider, "Not today, check with me tomorrow" or "I can't do that, but what I can do is...". Stop by again and let us know how it's going.