Monday, April 2, 2012

Untinted Lense.

There is a growing undercurrent that suggests calls for the prosecution of George Zimmerman are race related. In an effort to provide clarity why not retell the details, withholding race?

An armed volunteer member of a neighborhood watch in Sanford, FL spots a stranger in his subdivision. The watch member reports the stranger to 911. The watch member follows the stranger. The watch member is driving his truck while the stranger is on foot. Despite the 911 operator's direction to stand down, the watch member continues to follow the stranger. Fearing for his own safety, the watch member shoots and kills the stranger. The stranger, as it turns out is 17 years old and unarmed, carrying only Skittles, an iced tea and a cell phone. After a cursory police examination the watch member is sent home and the stranger is sent to the morgue.

I'm always disturbed when someone armed injures (kills?) someone that has no weapons.  Your thoughts?


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