Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Weekend.

Easter Sunday and the beginning festival days of Passover occur together this weekend. Given that both holidays seem to be conveniently set around the vernal equinox, Easter and Passover often  fall together. I am intrigued that both religions (disclosure: I'm a practicing Jew) claim a singular path to truth, yet if either are right, one religion must be wrong.

source: Wikipedia
A while back, my friend Victoria G. Marshall posted George Carlin's thoughts on God's most favored nations. Hint: Carlin doesn't think the God he doesn't believe in picks favorites. Like Carlin, my father in law is an atheist. My father in law, Cary claims his atheism because "too many people have died in the name of God." I have to grant Cary that point.

I believe the overwhelming majority of adherents to any of the world's religions are tolerant and inclusive. I believe there exists a virulent, parochial, exclusive and vocal minority within most religions which incorrectly claims to speak for all followers. I believe most follow religion as a path to enlightenment and tolerance. I believe that although I seek that path as a religion specific monotheist, others can find their path through a different religion or atheism, paganism, agnosticism or as a Wiccan. Belief is great, but it is each individuals acts that seals the deal.

I wish all celebrating Passover or Easter a weekend of meaning, clarity, enlightenment and tolerance. I wish everybody else the same for their weekend.



  1. Barry, I'm honored that you choose to mention me here but the honor really goes to one of the greatest minds of this or any Generation. George Carlin! I do however thank you in his place if I may be so bold!! Love this blog. Saved to desktop. Proud of you for the work you've begun. <3
    I couldn't figure out the URL it wanted to post my name.

  2. Victoria,
    Thanks for the kind words. I heartily agree that George Carlin was a generational example of words being the sharpest weapon. If only more would listen just a bit closer. Kudos to you (and all the others) that chose to spread the Gospel according to George.