Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July.

In Congress, July 4, 1776. "The unanimous declaration of the 13 united States of America..." and so began momentous events that changed the trajectory of history.

In a tux, July 4, more than 200 years later. "Be though consecrated unto me..." and so began momentous events that have changed the trajectory of my personal history. Technically, those events began exactly 2 years earlier when I asked the lovely woman that would choose to marry me, "Do you want a hot dog or hamburger?" Such are the advantages of working the grill at a singles picnic.

I can't imagine the feeling of the patriots: some combination of fear, exhilaration, doubt and pride. They had just dismissed the divinity of the crown. Right or wrong, there was no going back. Their world was never going to be the same.

Standing with my almost wife I too had a full range of emotions. There was more joy and excitement than anything else. For me as for the founding fathers, there was no going back. My world was never going to be the same.

As it turns out, the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were right. They chose to challenge the World Order and created the democracy all other countries covet. The path has had more than a few "construction delays" but 235 years later still the USA is still the greatest country in the world. The Declaration of Independence has made the world a better place.

Even though I've been married less than 235 years, my July 4th declaration has also stood up over time. Just like the US, my family has grown over time and my family has also had our share of setbacks. In spite of all the challenges, we celebrate another year of being together. Jefferson & Co. weren't trying to change the course of history, they were trying to improve their little corner of the world. The same goes for me: I was just trying to improve my life. I too, have been successful. Who know's what the next 235 years will bring?


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