Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson Trust 30 Challenge: Ambition is Good, Blind Ambition isn't Good.

This Trust 30 prompt is from Jonathan Fields. This prompt is about the hidden trap of realized goals. No one is clairvoyant. A goal reached can be significantly different than the goal imagined.To avoid this trap, one must always be open to alternative opportunities presented on the path to reaching the goal. Sometimes the outcome desired will be reached via an altered set of goals. It's impossible to find this altered goals with blind dedication to a primary plan. So...

This is one area in which my eyes are wide open. My path to lifecycle ceremony creator and facilitator for the secular actually begin as the goal of directing funerals for underserved communities in my city. Providing lifecycle ceremonies for an underserved community is a wider and more creative variation of the funeral director plan.

  • I have already identified ancillary opportunities of the ceremony creator. One is to simply offer marriage ceremonies on a short time frame.  Are you moved to get married right now? In Illinois there is a mandatory 24 hour wait from permit to ceremony. Why go to city hall 2 days in a row. Get the permit and call me. We can meet at your residence, gym, office, favorite restaurant at a selected time. The couple has a more meaningful wedding. I get the opportunity to market myself and get paid.
  • Another variation of ceremony creator is to team with local hotels and prepare memorial service (no casket) options. The hotel knows it's convention schedule 2-3 weeks in advance.  If the hotel is at less than capacity the opportunity to provide catering, rooms and services for a memorial service helps the hotel add revenue. For the family, the hotel has some of the items families may not have at home: projectors, sound system, large capacity, support staff, ample parking, etc. The opportunity to have the meal and service at the same location is a win-win for the family and hotel.
I am sure other opportunities will occur as I start and build my service business. I am also confident I will be open to evaluating those ideas and pursuing those ideas when the match is good. Thanks, Jonathan.

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