Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson Trust 30 Challenge: These Dreams.

This prompt from Michael Rad is about dreams. Specifically, to identify my top 3 dreams, write down my top 3 dreams and then write down the things that are holding me back from accomplishing these dreams. This is a companion to yesterday's post, Invent The Future.

I am not a big dreamer. If my 3 top dreams were a movie, the movie would go straight to the Netflix "Instant" directory. My dreams are about my family; Spending time (arguing) with my wife and (yelling at) my kids. I also want to give as much support to my kids as I can to ease their transition into adulthood. Implicit in these dreams are a level of income and an amount of recreational time. The level of income and time are heretofore unquantified. I'll know when I have enough of both.

I have no dreams of travel. If the Rockford Clocktower is the last world landmark I ever see, that's fine. I have no dreams of publishing, speaking or being adored by multitudes. I'm not against writing, presenting or adoration but these are only means to an end; time with my wife and kids and being an asset to my kids. Therefore, everything I stated yesterday belongs here also. So what's stopping me from accelerating my future success?

Only one thing is stopping me from reaching my goals: Me. That's it, I'm the problem. I have to build my network and present my brand. If I'm not networking face to face or on the net, I'm doing nothing. I have to press the flesh and press the send key as often as possible and then, more than as often as possible. A caveat is that my brand must choose quality over carp and content over quantity.  In the end, I may not be the only encumbrance to reaching my dreams. Until I jump the hurdle of me, nothing else is in the way.

What about you? What's stopping you from achieving your dreams? Oh and by the way, if you don't write it down, it doesn't exist. Take some time and share your thoughts.


  1. If they only made a pill for that.
    Chrystal, thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. Barry, you are not the problem. You may create roadblocks to achieving your dreams but we all do. Stop thinking of yourself as the problem and as the answer and it will all come together. Miriam

  3. Miriam,
    Thanks so much for the feedback and the generosity with the comment. You are right, if I perceive myself as the (or part of the) problem, I am indeed the problem. Perhaps in trying to frame "If it's in my way, I have the power to overcome" I went over the top. I'm glad you stopped by.