Monday, November 14, 2011

Everything Old Is...Just Old.

The last couple of weeks have been nice. I've had the chance to spend time with Little Suzy. Halloween, Doughnuts for Dads and just hanging out with Play-Doh has been really good. Suzy is on the express for eight years old. Mario was different (I know they're all different) at seven,  with the ensuing Asperger's diagnosis just down the road.
source: Wikipedia
Saturday, Suzy was doing her Play-Doh thing at the kitchen table while I was cutting vegetables for crock-pot stew. T.V. was in a time-out due to a joint venture between Suzy and Mario. I took the opportunity to indulge and queued up "Beatles For Sale". The boys hadn't even reached the bridge in "No Reply" when Suzy said, "Dad, why don't you play music kids like, like the stuff on Bob-FM." Bob-FM is the local we're so cool we play whatever we want format station.
     I said, "Suzy, they play the Beatles on Bob-FM".
Suzy said, "No they don't."
     "Suzy", I said, "Everything they play on Bob-FM started with the Beatles".
Suzy said, "No it didn't".
At that point I stopped talking and enjoyed the music.  Later, Little Suzy said, "Eight Days A Week doesn't make sense. Everyone knows there are only seven days in a week." At that point my head blew up.

I realize Suzy is still too young to understand that much of what we see, feel and hear is based on what others have seen, felt and heard before us. I assume as Little Suzy grows, she will gain perspective. Then again, she might subject her kids to the musical stylings of "Lemonade Mouth."

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