Friday, November 4, 2011

Second Helpings.

Only 15 Weeks Until Pitchers And Catchers Report.
I first posted about the Cubs hiring Theo Epstein in mid-October. Finally, the Cubs officially announced the hire and had a press conference. Then the Cubs hired a few more people and had a few more press conferences. I found it interesting that Epstein talked about system wide changes occurring before results (World Series) will come to be. Imagine that, no such thing as an overnight success.
We're Your Bank And We're Listening, So Long As You're Screaming.
I talked about Bank of America's plan to charge $5/ month for a debit card and the importance of Occupy Wall Street in an October 3rd post.  A month later Bank of America has rescinded the not yet in place monthly fee. All it took was world wide protests and a pile of awful press. I'm sure BOA will find an even more noxious way to recapture those fees. Still the lesson of peaceful persistent protest should not be lost. Also, it's important to remember that prior to showing disgust via the ballot box, calls and faxes to elected officials can be very effective. Let the government know how you feel, on a regular basis. Hell, they work for us (at least in theory). 
It's Still Early Movember.
Finally, I talked about this month being Movember, for Men's Health Awareness, especially prostate cancer awareness. I am growing a mustache (pictures later) to participate in Movember. Still, it takes a while for the mustache to grow in, so I added one to my Twitter avatar. Why not join me? It also gives you the opportunity to tell the man you love most "If you really love me you'll let you doctor stick his finger up your...". Or maybe just suggest it's time for an annual check-up.

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