Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Twitterversary To Me.

I joined Twitter on November 30, 2009. My primary reason for joining Twitter was to test my belief that Twitter was an ideal tool to drive demand during off-peak hours in a B2C environment. That test has long since ended. My hypothesis was proven wrong, but that was due to lack of participation from the business owners not a Twitter deficiency. By the time the great experiment was over, I was hooked on Twitter.
source: Wikipedia
The first three Twitter accounts I followed were Ana Marie Cox, Rachel Maddow and Zach Zaidman. Zach answered a tweet I sent about the Chicago Bears the first week I followed him. I'm still following Rachel. I had to whack Ana Marie after a year due to a following/follower imbalance with the Twitter API, but I just refollowed Ana Marie while getting the link for this post.

My first follower was Sima Dahl and if you're not following Sima, what are you waiting for? Sima returns each and every one of my tweets, FB posts and email. I'm both proud and grateful of building a friendship with someone I have yet to meet face to face.  Enough about Sima, I'm sending her a thank you email today.

I'm following over 3500 and have approximately the same number of followers. The following has been built one at a time, no 'bots. I have fallen in with a bunch of Social Media denizens: novices, enthusiasts and experts (real experts, not self proclaimed experts). I have met and connected with numerous activists/advocates. I have been adopted into and joined multiple tribes. I have also developed relationships with a ton of fine fun people. I am not listing names for fear of accidentally excluding someone.

So to everyone I treasure on Twitter (you know who you are): Thanks for the support, exchanges and RT's. I look forward to another great 12 months and thanks for being in my life.


  1. What a lovely note of gratitude Barry. Happy Twitter Anniversary - I'm delighted to be a part of our social network and look forward to the day when we do finally meet in your person. You are kind and giving and I have been blessed to be the recipient of your generosity on numerous occasions. I hope I can remain worthy of your friendship, online and off!

  2. It is lovely to see the Twitter followers and following numbers grow as we meet up with people who give us new windows into the world.

  3. You rule the tribe, Barry, and I am grateful for your suavitude.

  4. Sima, Thank you for your kind comments, which are returned in kind.
    Pat, I agree Twitter is a whole bunch of fun and my favorite SM platform. Thanks for being a recent connection. I look forward to our future exchanges.
    Current, Suavitude, huh? Thanks. As for ruling a tribe, all I have are suggestions. I'm grateful someone is listening.
    Thank you all for helping me celebrate my Twitterversary. Enjoy.