Monday, February 20, 2012

Hold Your Horses.

While watching my Smartphone news stream on Sunday, I found this goodie: 
As Apple and Microsoft unite mobile and desktop, where will Android go?
The article discussed the intertwining of Apple and Microsoft desktop and mobile with the upcoming Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion. All I could think was "What's your hurry?"

The marriage of Microsoft and Apple reminds me of such arrangements between European monarchs to consolidate power. How did that eventually workout? (Hint: democracy) Ignoring my snark, isn't it a bit early to suggest the demise of Android? Win8 and Mountain Lion aren't even out yet. Shouldn't viability questions be still until all parties are operational?

I'm tired of business (and frankly everything else) being reported with Enquirer-like eagerness. Isn't it time to let the news speak for itself and leave speculation behind? How do you feel? Any examples of reporting jumping the gun? Or perhaps you formed an opinion in your own life that was premature and incorrect? Share with the class.

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