Monday, February 6, 2012


I am a participant in Sarah Robinson's "28 Days of Building Fierce Loyalty" blog series. Sarah writes the exceptional blog, "Escaping Mediocrity". My participation in this particular series has a very unique feel. I'm not only participating as a member of Sarah's Hooligan Tribe but I am also participating with members of my blogging tribe, Renaissance Roundtable. As chief of the Renaissance Roundtable, I am honored that some of my tribe have taken my suggestion and signed up for "28 Days of Building Fierce Loyalty." Bragging, he says, "I guess I occasionally do something right."

"28 Days" began February 1, so there is still time to join up. With only 3 days of posts in the bank (weekends are for catch up, reflection or maybe even unplugging) I have already felt the burn. Considering the meaning of loyalty, showing loyalty and earning loyalty are keys to success in all areas of life. Whether or not you choose to participate in "28 Days" I ask you:
  • What does loyalty mean to you?
  • How do you show loyalty?
  • How do you earn loyalty?
Share your thoughts in the comments and I will share in kind.

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