Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That's Okay.

I had two days of contract work this week, Sunday and Monday. I'm a funeral director by trade. I helped a family arrange a funeral on Sunday and returned to direct the funeral on Monday. I met with two sisters, accompanied by their husband's plan a funeral for the women's mother. The deceased had lived into her 90's and the family was prepared. No added shock or grief, rather relief that their mother was no longer in pain.

At the funeral, the older of the daughters took the opportunity to share some memories of her mother. One particular story grabbed my attention:
"Mom always told us we were beautiful, smart and kind. She said that many would want to be our friends. She also said that there would be some that didn't like us...and that's okay."
What a great lesson. What great parenting, empowering children to cope with the inevitable. And it's critical information not only for children, but for adults as well.
There will be people that don't like you...
and that's okay.
Do you agree? Disagree? What other lessons should be learned as children that perhaps don't show (but should) up as adults?


  1. I am going to tell my son those words tonight when i get home. thank you

  2. Such an important lesson that I'll be sharing with my son. I need to remember that myself:-)

  3. vhudi and Lilly,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing with your kids as well as taking this post to heart as well. Have a great weekend.