Thursday, August 25, 2011

ROL: A Great Way To Start Your Day.

ROL (Return on Life) is a self designated qualitative measure based on the quantitative metric, ROI (Return on Investment). ROI is maximized when small investments provide whopping returns. ROL is maximized when small incremental lifestyle changes provide exceptional enhancement in one's QOL (Quality of Life).

An Apple A Day?
It's important to start the day out right. For some that means a well balanced breakfast. (A balanced breakfast has nothing to do with how well the food sits on the dashboard during rush hour.) Aerobic enthusiasts like to get their heart pumping before digging into the day's business. I have something else in mind.

Smile. Just Do It.
Experts say happiness has a tremendous positive effect on health. Given the craziness of life, especially on a hectic morning what can be done to start out happy? Meet Gretchen Rubin. Ms. Rubin is the author of "The Happiness Project." As the name implies, the project is about finding and maintaining happiness. There's a website, ongoing groups, author's requisite Facebook pageTwitter and so much more I'm sure. In a world of horns honking and middle fingers extending, someone dedicating all this space to happiness is truly remarkable.

It's Easier Than You Think.
I hear the chorus of naysayers already. Happiness is wonderful but I don't have time for all this Facebooking and groups and whatever else. Friends, I am way ahead of you. Meet another auxiliary of "The Happiness Project":  The Moment of Happiness. A quote about happiness delivered daily to your inbox. Easier to digest than fiber, finished quicker than exercise and don't get me started about water. Sure, it's a daily commitment but it's only a moment and starts your day with the empowerment of happiness. Try it, you've got nothing to lose. If you find it too time consuming for the morning you can always check it out when you get home. Happiness doesn't get stale and... it's good for you.

Do you have something quick that makes you smile? (Please don't share the dirty limerick of the day site. This is the internet. If that's what I want, I don't need rhyming vulgarity). Please share.

Blogger's disclaimer:  I don't know nor have I ever met Gretchen Rubin. I don't have an affiliate program so I receive no benefit on any sales that may result from this post. I plan to tweet Ms. Rubin about "The Happiness Project"'s influence on this post. That's it.


  1. Woody Allen makes me laugh..he's here in Rome these days filming Bop Decameron. I found you on Twitter, I'm following you here too:)

  2. Thanks for finding me and the follow. Will pop on Twitter to reciprocate. Before he made films, Woody Allen did stand-up. Check out his routine on moose hunting/costume contest, you'll laugh for days. I found it on Spotify, searching on Woody Allen.