Thursday, August 11, 2011

ROL: Take A Moment To Make Someone's Day.

ROL (Return On Life) is about engaging in small incremental changes that can have a large positive impact on living life. It is a non-quantitative adaptation of the financial measure ROI (return on investment). This week's ROL is about how small amounts of time can really add up.

Mark E. Andersen, Posted on Daily Kos
August 9, 2011 was the date of 6 recall elections in Wisconsin.

It was also the the 37th anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation.

And the 52nd anniversary of my appearance on this planet.

When I opened my computer August 9th, I had 6 birthday shouts on my Facebook wall. By the time I had given each one a short thank you, there were three more "Happy Birthdays". I made up my mind to answer those three and then close the computer.

Later that day, there were a few more birthday hellos on Facebook. My @mentions on Twitter also had multiple birthday messages, many generated via the most incredible connector,  Sima Dahl (Twitterphobes, please skip the rest of this sentence) tweeting my birthday status to my wonderful friends in the #HT Army. At this point in the day, I decided to hold off answering until later that night.

I finally got the kids off to bed and spent some time with Gracie the wonder beagle. I made a cup of green tea and sat down to acknowledge the birthday wishers. Over an hour later, with 1/2 hour left to my birthday I closed my computer and went to bed. In all I had responded to 30 birthday greetings via Facebook and Twitter.

I was floored. My Facebook friends number less than 100, yet I had spent almost 2 hours that day thanking people for remembering me on my birthday. I got shouts from family, new friends (some that I've never met) and old friends going back to kindergarten. I heard from both coasts, got three messages from friends in Israel and even heard from my 1st crush.

I realize Facebook makes it very easy to remember birthdays. I also know it doesn't take very long to say "Greetings and Birthday Wishes" in it's many variations. Still, these little wishes helped me remember all the people that have made my life special and the good times we have shared. And yes, since it was my birthday it made me feel ... significant. Yup, I felt great and it didn't take more than a minute or two from my friends. See what a minute can do.

Has anyone made you feel great with just a moment of your time? Have you been the precipitator of good feelings with little effort on your part? How can these examples be incorporated into daily life?

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