Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants You.


I received a chain email over the weekend, urging me to buy American from August 1-August 31. The email cites a Diane Sawyer special report  about the economic benefits of buying American made products. The email specifically targets Wal-Mart and China. The email also suggests that that if 200 million Americans declined to purchase merely $20 of goods made in China, that single joint activity would reverse a billion dollar trade imbalance. The email concludes asking for a commitment to celebrate Made in America from August 1- September 1, specifically seeking out American made options for routine purchases. I think it's an idea worth improving, don't you?


Some ground rules: No more targets or bogeymen. China isn't inherently evil, neither are any of the Super Big Box Marts. The fact is our economy is struggling and it is both simple and patriotic to seek out products that provide the biggest bang for the buck to the US economy. The job you save could be your neighbor's...or your own.


The first Labor Day celebration was held in Boston in 1878. Labor Day was rushed through Congress in 1894 to begin the healing after the violent Pullman strike. Although there hasn't been recent violence today's economy is certainly painful for many. America faces an ongoing trade imbalance and budget deficit. You or I can't fix it ourselves but working together we can help close the gap.  Is there a better way to honor the American worker than buying American?


Labor Day is celebrated annually the 1st Monday in September. This year Labor Day will be September 5, roughly 5 weeks from today. For the next 5 weeks pick 1 staple and find a way to substitute an American made product. Starting in September find 1 purchase a month to exchange for a product made in America. Pass the idea to your friends. Sit back and imagine how much nicer Labor Day, 2012 can be with a small change in awareness and buying behavior.


Don't do this quietly. Tell your friends and neighbors. Post your product exchanges as a comment or via "Crowdsourcing A Good Life" either on the site or Facebook page. Have an entrepreneurial spirit? Contact me via FB, Twitter or LinkedIn and let's set up a Facebook site together. We can make a difference, all it takes is action.

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