Monday, January 23, 2012

"Bye, Joe."

Saturday night I caught a headline that the Paterno family was preparing for the imminent death of the family patriarch and college football coaching legend, Joe Paterno. My immediate thought was, "I'm sorry the death wasn't slower and more painful". Luckily thoughts aren't recorded for posterity, unless I post those thoughts on my blog.
source: Wikipedia

My vindictiveness stems from Paterno's actions (or lack of same) regarding his former assistant and accused child-raper Jerry Sandusky. Luckily for me time leads to perspective. When Paterno's death was reported on Sunday morning, I realized the world was no better or no worse minus Joe Paterno. I was able to empathize with his family for their pain of loss. Amid a sea of questions (I am troubled by the apparent inability to question by Paterno's legions of supporters) one huge question continues to circle in my mind.

Who is the bigger monster, Sandusky or Paterno? I do not suggest any form of clemency for Sandusky but at some level he doesn't understand that child rape is wrong. Paterno, however is lauded for being a role model and shaper of men. As someone praised for teaching strength, values and decisions Paterno failed to scream about Sandusky the raper from the highest Pennsylvania mountain or at the very least ban Sandusky from the Penn State football facilities. The greater burden falls to Paterno, but who is the bigger offender?

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