Monday, January 30, 2012

Crumbs Of Embarrassment.

Saturday was spent with the in-laws. My father-in-law (Cary) has been kind enough to loan us a car for the foreseeable past, present and future. My wife (Mommy) uses the car to drive to work and drive the kids when I am off working on projects. Mommy usually eats oat and granola cookies on the way to work to avoid having an empty stomach at work. As a result of Mommy's off to work routine, some crumbs had settled into the various crevices around the driver's seat. The car needed some routine maintenance. Cary mentioned he was embarrassed to take the car to the mechanics because of the crumbs in the car. All I could think was crumbs, mechanics, embarrassed, why?

Each person has their own tolerance level when it comes to embarrassment. So if Cary was embarrassed, it's his right to be embarrassed. Still, crumbs in the car are indicative of someone that eats in the car and nothing more. Crumbs in a car does not signify some ingrained tragic personal flaw. If someone doesn't care for the crumbs in my car (but this is Cary's car) that person can take a hike. In the future, Mommy and I will be meticulous so Cary needn't be embarrassed about the condition of his car. But I remain unconcerned about any opionions regarding crumbs in my car.

Sunday, I helped a friend deliver over $750 of pizza and salad from a local pizzeria to a local house of worship for a dinner at that house of worship. The person in charge gave my friend a $10 tip. A $10 tip on over $750 of food? Now, that's embarrassing.

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