Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gifts, Memories and Today.

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As I posted previously, Chanukah with my family was rather disjointed due to a 2 week contract for me. We finally exchanged gifts as a family (Mommy, Mario, Little Suzy, Gracie the wonder beagle and me) on New Years Day. I scored a major haul. Texting gloves (for texting while driving in cold weather), a tripod for my smart phone (hello, vlogging) a huge bag of Belly Flops (all the flavors, all the calories, a fraction of the price) and the Tom Lehrer collection (including a DVD of a concert from Oslo, hopefully subtitled).

Matt Jaffe
I was turned on to Tom Lehrer in junior high by Matt Jaffe (if you enjoy hiking, check out Matt at We spent hours listening to That Was The Year That Was. I even went with Matt and his family to see Tom Lehrer for a McGovern fundraiser. In retrospect, McGovern needed a vote raiser. I understood much (not all) of Lehrer's context and the time spent with Matt and Tom certainly shaped who I am today.

As I was listening to the CD yesterday, I realized that Mario is the same age I was when I started listening to Tom Lehrer. I know Mario wouldn't listen to Tom Lehrer with me. Mario is very young for his age and being an Aspie, Mario can't share my sense of humor. I know Mario picks up on household values from our conversations. Still I am concerned about how Mario will shape his views on the world around him. Friends help kids with defining themselves (especially during those years when parents know nothing) and being an Aspie, Mario has no friends. Finally I know there are no simple answers and things work out. Still, I can't help but worry.

Any recent gifts that bring up old memories? Any worries about your kids that you like to think you can change, but really can't change?


  1. Too funny! I just saw those gloves in Old Navy yesterday. Unfortunately we're not allowed to text and drive here (even in cold weather) :-) Should be a law everywhere I think!

    I was just thinking this morning about my daughter's strong will and if she will use it to stand up for values or not. I can only do my part and pray God takes care of the rest! Seems that even with an Asperger's child you have the same kind of worries for different reasons! Very interesting!

    Warmest regards,
    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

  2. Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by. It's illegal to text while driving here too. I did it once and stopped texting while driving before it was a) illegal and b) before I got into an accident. Just my droll sense of humor.
    My challenge with Mario is in addition to having the usual growing up stuff he has less of a safety net (no friends) and is vulnerable (kids see him as a 'mark'). But like everyone else does, I'll teach him the best I can and realize whether by divine providence or dumb luck, most kids survive and actually thrive.