Monday, January 2, 2012

Three Words.

Chris Brogan wrote a New Year non- resolutions post that I loved. Instead of resolutions, pick 3 words and spend the year honing those 3 words. Simple, right? Probably not, but I won't know until 2012 becomes 2013. Here are my three words for 2012.
source: Kids Math Games Online

Like natural resources and drinkable water, time is in limited supply. There are only 24 hours a day and 365 (366 during a leap year) days a year. In 2012 I want to invest time in working on making better use of my time. T. Boone Pickens is quoted "Work eight hours, sleep eight hours. Make sure they're not the same eight hours." I don't feel the need to squeeze the juice and grate the rind of every day. I want to plan and execute work and relaxation and keep both in their proper column.
I do many things each day. Almost everything I do (spending time, eating, reacting to others) is by choice. I regularly fool myself by saying "I have to..." but in fact, unless it is a matter of life and death "I choose to...". Some of these choices my involve not wasting food or avoiding arguments, but these actions are still choices. Having a better year means making better choices.
After reading "What Would Google Do?" on the advice of Gini Dietrich (well a blog post by Gini actually, but it sounds much better if I intimate she was addressing me personally), I switched my browser to Chrome (until Microsoft decided it was foreign matter and locked me out. I haven't had time, energy or anger management skills to restore my beloved Chrome). When it came to time to select a smartphone, I went Android. So when Google introduced their powerful new social network, I invested time and energy to become proficient in Google+. Not exactly. Pretty much not at all. I learned Twitter and how to blog. I've improved on LinkedIn and Facebook. If I'm going to continue building the brand of me, I must slay Google+ in 2012.

How about you? How do you feel about words and/or resolutions? What are you going to do to make 2012 the kick-ass year you want it to be? Hey, whet my appetite and I'll invite you to guest post.


  1. Oh that was DEFINITELY a direct mandate from me. Did you love it? It really changed the way I think about my own business and what germinated the idea of Spin Sucks Pro. Now...have you read Steve Jobs?

    As for my three words? Focus, delegate, and vision.

  2. I really did enjoy "WWGD". Sort of blows up the whole "guard your secrets so you can charge for them" philosophy. I haven't read Jobs. I guess that's February, right after I finish "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk.(I want to read a book a month).
    Love your three words but knowing you as I do, please remember to subhead delegate with perspective. Thanks for stopping by on what had to be a busy day. It means a lot.

  3. Time for everything and making better choices - great goals! Figuring out Google+ does seem to be necessary also.

    I have four words that I've been pondering since last summer, but one that I have selected to focus on this year. I chose it because it's the one I struggle with the most. I wrote about it yesterday. However we articulate them, as long as we have goals and work towards them, we're growing and learning and that's what matters most, IMHO.

  4. Very nice...

    As I stated New Year's Eve, "Time" is our most precious resource, so that's number 1.

    I'd say: Time, Organize, No

    Clarifying "No"... to say yes to what we have to do, we have to say no to many other things.

  5. Mom of Cookie,
    You chose rejoice. What a great word. Seeking happiness in the everyday and celebrating what you find. That's the difference between living and existing. For anyone else that wants to read the post here's the link:

    Wm. X,
    'No' is a great word. As someone that says yes when he should say no and then is angry at himself and the other party for doing something I didn't want to do, well that goes back to my word, choice. I couldn't find the link to your 12/31 post via your profile. Sorry, I would have liked to post it.

    Thanks to both for stopping by and leaving a comment. Everyone that comments and refers to their own writing, please add the link. A little self-promotion never hurts.