Monday, January 9, 2012

My 10 Best Days.

My celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday over the weekend, causing me to reflect on the best days I've ever had.
If you're going to watch the video later, allow me to offer a clue: There are no sporting events on the list. I love my Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks but no thrilling victory or crushing defeat ever changed the way I felt about the next day's sunrise.

What are the best days in your life? How about the most significant days of your life? Why?


  1. Before I watched your video one day in particular sprang to mind. It was the day my dad was in the hospital.., half in a coma and repsonded to my voice for the first time.
    This was a couple of years ago and our relationship has grown back to when I was younger (before his booze period so to speak). Now he is on his last legs.., and I'm greatful for the time we had.
    After watching your video and the reasons for your choices.., I just had to post my initial thought.

    Sigh.., that was tough to write...

  2. Rogier,
    Thanks for taking time (and some serious energy) to share. I'm glad you and your father could reconnect although I'm sad for both of you that it took a coma. Whatever time the two of you may have left, I hope it's both pleasant and meaningful.