Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How I Scored A Triberr Invite.

Increase Your Reach.
I first heard about Triberr in April via a post from Gini Dietrich. You could say that Gini's shtick makes for clicks that stick. Or not. The fact is when Gini says investigate, I click. I saw all this stuff about Tribes and Invites and Chiefs and Bones and Bonfires and again realized why I wouldn't join a fraternity. Frankly, it was more than I wanted to assimilate at the time so I went on to something else.

Triberr, Again?
Within the last 10 days the name Triberr appeared on my radar again. I clicked and the whole "reach multiplier, invite required" showed up. I went onto the blog (Bonfires) and looked for some back door way to get an invite. No such luck. I read a post about getting an invite and set a standing search on Seesmic for #Triberr. That's right, I was going to cyberstalk.

If You Can't Say Something Nice...
The first thing I noticed on the #Triberr search was the large amount of people pissing and moaning about how Triberr is spam. That's right, complaining about the application on the hashtag for devotees of said application. Great, I thought, another future blog topic for free.

Desperately Seeking Triberr Invite.
Within a day I saw tribal chieftains scouring the hashtag for potential members.
  • "Seeking German Opera Blogger"-no, not me.
  • "Looking for left handed auto mechanics with a passion for writing"-still not me.
  • "Do you hate social media, especially blogging? Come join my tribe." -ironic, but not for me.
  • From @erinswallace: "Have a tribe Passionate Parents, looking for bloggers, tweet me". - well not really my portfolio, there's always tomorrow.
Be Patient, Collect Reward.
The next day I saw a Chief looking to fill a writing tribe. Again, not really me but I asked via tweet "How tightly are you defining writing?" Well, @erinswallace responded to my tweet and asked if I was interested in joining her tribe of Passionate Parents. I'm as passionate a parent as there is with a deep seated hatred and total mistrust for my kids (These are qualities of being a good parent, trust me). @erinswallace and I exchanged a few tweets about fit with both of us asking questions. I received an official invite code, joined the Passionate Parents tribes Saturday night and had my first parenting post up well before kickoff on Sunday.

My Plan Can Work For You.
That's it. A little time, some honesty and I got my Triberr invite in under a week. It didn't hurt that I am new to Triberr and my blog doesn't look like a NASCAR race car. If you're looking for an opportunity to join Triberr, I just gave you a 3 day roadmap. If you're not looking to join Triberr, why are you still reading?


  1. Great post, Berry. I always find posts that are written in the moment based on real life experience to be a compelling read.

    I think your method is definitly prefered over blidnly jumping into tribes that arent relevant to you and your audience.

    Thnx for writing about our little service and that Gini is something, aint she? :-)

  2. Dino,

    Thanks for the comment and the compliment. As for my methodology, I strongly believe that it's on me if I'm not included in something for which I wish to be included. Either I'm not asking properly or I'm just plain not good enough yet. While the good enough may still be under review, I know that Erin and I went back and forth to make sure the fit was right.

    Your little service? Hey my miniscule blog should one day reach the level of your little service. As for Ms. Dietrich, she sure is! :-):-)

  3. excellent tips! Not sure why I didn't think of monitoring the #Triberr hashtag...

  4. Glenn,
    I'd like to say it was a stroke of genius, but I believe it was a suggestion from a Triberr bonfire. If you're interested in a Triberr invite, let me know.(DM) I'm starting a tribe right now. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Hi Barry. It seem like Triberr is quite a cool community. I really want to feel the power. Do you mind if send me an invite? Thanks in advance.

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  7. Mazin,
    Thanks for the straight forward answer, but on 1st glance your blog doesn't appear to be a fit with my tribe. Do you write another blog?