Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Triberr, Spam and Fertilizer.

I've been a "Passionate Parent" on Triberr for under two weeks and I'm now ready to take a stand: Triberr either is or isn't spam. Wow! What a relief to finally admit that! Perhaps some context might help.

Triberr Primer.
Triberr's primary purpose is to help bloggers seek out and expand readership. Triberr accomplishes this through an algorithm that automates tweets about blogposts. Triberr is exclusive by invite to a specific tribe(s). Tribe members agree to mutually publicize each members post's via the Triberr algorithm. Tribe size, frequency of tribe member posting and quantity of tribes joined affects the number of Triberr tweets that go into a tribe member's Twitterfeed. There exists the possibility that a very popular Triberree (ex: a member of many large tribes with very active bloggers) can have a noisy Triberr-driven Twitterfeed, which creates a noisy Triberr-driven Twitterfeed for followers of the aforementioned Triberree.
Twitterfeed Purity: My Story
I respect the desire to keep a Twitterfeed free of excessive meaningless tweets. My first 18 months on Twitter I was SMS only(text, no internet) when mobile. There was some motormouth kid from Malaysia clogging my Twitterfeed. Even though motormouth was following me, I whacked the kid. Kid's name was Aaron Lee.  Yup, I whacked Aaron Lee.  Well, ya live (hopefully) and learn (hopefully).

source: Wikipedia
Putting aside my personal aside, at a certain point the argument about unclogged Twitterfeed falls apart. Once you are following 200/500/1000 the Twitterfeed becomes unmanageable on a one to one basis. At that point, what's another 20/40/100 tweets per hour?
Missionaries and Irony.
One of the beauties of Twitter is the open exchange. Got an opinion? Phrase your opinion in less than 140 and tweet. Want to target a specific group? Add a hashtag. So I ask the "Triberr is spam crowd" why do you add the #Triberr tag when you complain that Triberr is spam? Do you think someone cares? Are you trying to convert the Tribe(rr) natives to your more evolved religion? As you crusade about spam, how much spam are you creating on the #Triberr hashtag?
Don't Go Away Mad...
Any Triberr member understands the potential pitfalls and accepts those challenges for the broadcast benefits Triberr creates. For those that find Triberr to be spam, hey it's your opinion and your Twitterfeed, duly noted. Now please, shut up. Or use another hashtag, like #Triberrisspam. Or better yet, shut up.


  1. I've been so scared to post my Tribe's posts because I don't want my followers to bolt. Several have made general claims of Triberr being annoying.

    But Triberr has really increased my readership! I need to find more tribes! lol

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Susie,
    1st of all thanks for a great comment. For those that find Triberr annoying, okay that's their right. Hey, if you're not aggravating someone at least occasionally, then what's the point. By the way, I understand your divided loyalty but remember your obligation to your followers is implicit at best,they chose to follow you. Your commitment to your fellow tribespeople is both mutual and explicit.
    My traffic is up 3 fold in under two weeks, engagement up also. If I was getting that through my stream w/o Triberr, maybe I wouldn't have sought to join Triberr.

  3. I was just asked to join Triberr and I signed up not really realizing what it meant. But, it has brought tons of people to my blog already and it's only been 2 days. So I'm willing to deal with the extra tweets!

  4. Robyn,
    Welcome to the tribe. Like you, I'm more than willing to add some tweets to my stream for the increased visibility. I'll have to watch, though. Between 50-70 fellow tribesmates and the it will get a bit dicey. I'll deal with that when I get there. As for those feeling overrun with Triberr driven tweets, feel free to unfollow (it's not hard) and feel free to not tell me (or anyone else) why.
    Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your posts.