Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day 2011, Working For A Living.

I thought the song mentioned in the title summed up the day reserved to honor the workers among us. I also think the song pays homage to the sky high unemployment rate in this country, since Huey Lewis seems to have been without a job since the late 80's (a guest appearance on "Hot in Cleveland" is his version of short term contract work). As we head into a three day weekend, take a moment to consider how lost we would be without the following people:

  • The snow plow driver that clears the streets in a blizzard.
  • The person that cleans up the hospital, reducing the risk of infection for patients and doctors.
  • The drive-thru teller that sends suckers for the kids along with the transaction receipt.
  • The utility worker out for hours on end when Mother Nature reminds us how privileged we truly are.
  • The dental hygienist that keeps us occupied until the novocaine takes effect.
  • The phone operator that (Whoops, got me there. No more telephone operators).
  • The garbage collector that keeps our neighborhoods from becoming rat cafeterias.
So if you're grilling with friends this Labor Day Weekend, slather up a dog and pop a beer for those on the list. They make our lives better simply by doing their job. If you're enjoying the 3 days with family take a moment to think of those that perform these vital tasks with very little fanfare.

I am sure the list of workers is incomplete. Would you do me the favor of pointing out the many I neglected to mention? While you're thinking, how about some music? Take it away, Huey.

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