Thursday, September 29, 2011

ROL: Happy Birthday.

Today's post appears through the magic of scheduling. I am taking a couple of days off the grid. It is my habit to respond to every comment. I will respond, it may just take a few days.

ROL (return on life) is about making small changes in attitude or action that can produce a significant increase in QOL (quality of life). This week's ROL is about our planet.

source: morgueFile
Hayom Harart Olam.
Today the world was created.
From: Roshana/High Holiday Liturgy

Today, I will be joining the rest of the worldwide Jewish community in celebrating Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. One of the themes of Rosh Hashana is a divine annual review with the potential annual bonus, another year of plenty. Not receiving the divine bonus comes with likely severe consequences. Given these circumstances Rosh Hashana is significantly more low-key than secular New Year celebrations. Another theme of Rosh Hashana is the commemoration of the creation of the world. Happy Birthday, Planet Earth.

I think this creation of the world is something everyone can celebrate. Both Christianity and Islam recognize Judaism as their theological progenitor. For atheists, agnostics and other proponents of "Big Bang Theory", well, today is just as good as any other day. As to the many other theologies I fail to encompass, I apologize but just go with it, okay? I don't suggest celebration in the same green theme manner of Earth Day. I'm in favor of a day to pay mind to conservation of Earth's limited resources, so way to go Earth Day. But for today, Earth's birthday is the subject matter.

Take a moment, look around and drink in Earth's majesty. Have ideas for making Earth better? That's for Earth Day. Today is for acknowledgement and enjoyment. If you're in the northern 1/2 of the northern hemisphere, look at the vibrant autumn colors as the foliage acknowledges the approaching winter.  If you're in the southern hemisphere close your eyes and imagine the oncoming summer. If you can do neither, there's always the internet, but don't forgo the birthday celebration. Do you have some ideas for celebrating Earth?  

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