Monday, October 31, 2011

Facial Hair Means You Care.

Happy Halloween. October 31st is an important day and the candy collection-athon is the perfect transition from October to November.
Ignorance Is Not Bliss.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Given the downturn in breast cancer mortality BCAM appears to have a positive effect. This year BCAM was very prominent. Professional football players wore pink gloves, pink shoes, pink sweat towels and pink jock straps (OK I made up the pink sweat towel and did no research about the pink jock strap).  There were Breast Cancer Awareness walks, with seas of pink clad warriors educating communities one step at a time. There were even free market Breast Cancer Awareness opportunities. The message of knowledge (ignorance is not bliss) and community (don't go it alone) was everywhere.
Show Your 'Stache.
source: morgueFile
Tomorrow is the 1st day of November or should I say Movember. Just as October has become as pink as a bay girl's nursery for breast cancer awareness, the movement is for Movember to be full of facial hair for prostate cancer (and other men specific cancers) awareness. Just as families should be aware and supportive of issues surrounding breast cancer, families should be aware and supportive regarding prostate cancer. So grow, groom or apply your mustache and give prostate cancer the finger. Just don't give prostate cancer the finger the way my doctor does.  My doctor uses a glove and lubricant. I don't really like the way my doctor gives prostate cancer the finger, but so far for me, it works.

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