Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marriage Equality Defeats Fear (at least today).

This past Friday night the New York State Senate passed a marriage equality bill allowing same sex couples all the rights of heterosexual couples while protecting the rights of religious groups to object to same sex marriage. I present a metaphorical "Gold Star of Excellence" on both counts. I further present a great big wet kiss to NY State Republican and Democratic Senators for coming together to make this piece of history happen. When walking in a blizzard, it's always easier to walk back in the footsteps that already exist. The NY State GOP Senators stepped further into the blizzard  that consumes their national caucus. Some brave individuals are going to be out in the cold for a long time for voting their conscience.

In further related news, the Chicago GLBT Pride parade this past Sunday was a huge success, despite vandalism of 51 floats the night before. I hope the vandals will be found and further hope these vandals will be charged with a hate crime.

Still, the combination of the two events was a huge victory over fear. Think about it:

The battle for tolerance is far from over. There will still be violent acts of gay bashing on a far too regular basis. I am not dismissing a hate crime committed prior to a scheduled public event. Still, 24 hours after marriage equality was legalized in the state with the 3rd largest population the best some haters could do was slash tires over 700 miles away? So at least today (OK, Sunday):


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