Thursday, June 30, 2011

ROL: Right Foot, Left Foot or Vice-Versa.

ROL in an abbreviation for Return On Life, making simple or incremental life changes that can offer benefits beyond the effort put in to make said changes. This week's ROL is about getting in gear.

I have previously pointed out that I have undoubtedly lived past the mid-point of my life. My kids are still young (not yet in high school) and I have been the sole provider for my family. I have never feared my mortality, if I die young(ish), it's not my problem. My wife and kids will have to find a way to figure it out. That sucks, but it's the truth.  I do fear living a long life but having to schlep around an oxygen tank for 20 years. While there are many good reasons for having to lug around oxygen, I'm willing to bet there are many ways to avoid being tank-tied with an early start. One simple way is to walk more.

Anthropologists will point out that for most of our existence we have been on the move. Our bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. Physicians will point out that emphysema, diabetes and McCAD (Coronary Artery Disease brought on by fast food) are running rampant in the USA. Our bodies are not designed for the abundance we enjoy in the 21st Century. There are pills and programs and schedules and guidelines and, and, and... that we can access yet the problem gets worse every year.

Have you ever seen what a serving of steak is supposed to be? I've been to parties where that would be an insufficient appetizer.  Cutting down portions is tough. I hope to get there someday and frankly yesterday would be a good day to start. I'm 40 lbs. off the chart (or 10 inches too short) so I need to do something.

I have started walking regularly, about 35 minutes 3 days a week, outside or on a treadmill. I need to walk more but at least it's a start. I suggest that you find a way to walk more also. The benefits of walking far outweigh the benefits of fighting for the closest parking spot near the Big Box Mall. So walk more and perhaps lower your chances of making an oxygen tank your best friend.

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