Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson Trust 30 Day Challenge: Day 5, It's a Small World.

Today's challenge is to identify a place I'd like to see before I die, and describe how I plan to make it happen.

This is a challenge to write. I was never a fan of traveling. I'm not phobic about travel, it's just: What's the point? Pay money to be hassled at the airport, be unable to sleep in a strange bed and hope the one day I want to be outside doesn't get weathered out? I'm not motivated to travel.

Many years ago, a youth group convention (I was a staff member) took me to Toronto. It's a great city. Travel day took me (and 25 coach buses) to the CN Tower. I waited my turn and finally got to the top. I thought it would be great to take pictures going around the tower, get a 360 perspective. When I returned to the ground floor, I found the gift shop had a set of photos going round the tower available for sale. Whatever I want to see is available on the Internet and no jet lag.

Still, if I had to choose one place, I would love to go back to Disney World. My wife and I honeymooned in Disney and not only is it the happiest place on earth, it's also the most detail oriented. We stayed in a mid-level resort in Disney. When we arrived there was a fruit basket (compliments of Disney) in our room acknowledging our honeymoon. That's not even the best part. Disney World resorts are family oriented. Most rooms have two double beds.  We were on our honeymoon and secured one of the few rooms with a queen size bed. Disney even made sure the bedsprings were extra squeaky, to further enable the newlywed atmosphere whenever we made it back to the room. That's paying attention to detail!

The kids are old enough to travel in a manner less painful than root canal. It would be great to take them to Disney and see it through their eyes. It's already a priority, but survival is a bigger priority (See Day 3 post). Simply put, I need to work my plan and build my business. As a sole provider in a service business booking 2 weeks away should be no problem. All it takes is money and it's off to see the world that Walt built.

How about you? Where in the world do you want to go and how do you plan to make that happen?

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