Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pictures, Twitter and Anthony Weiner.

In case you've been under a rock, Rep. Anthony Weiner finds himself in the middle of a kerfuffle of his own doing. Had he just remembered to DM the photo instead of tweeting (Non-Twitterers, this is the only Twitter lingo reference in the whole post)  no one would be any the wiser. You'd think a Congressman could keep that straight, right?

Soure: Buzzfeed
I think Rep. Weiner should resign, but not for these reasons:

  • The picture. Lewd photo? A Calvin Klein add shows more business.
  • He sent the picture. Two consenting adults. Period. If she (or any other recipient) is non-consenting, that's potential sexual harassment and grounds for possible criminal charges.
  • He's married. Still between two consenting adults and stay's between the two consenting adults.
Why do I think Rep. Weiner should resign? Simple.
  • As one of my favorite liberal firebrands, he has chosen to walk the moral high ground. The fact that David Vitter, Tom Coburn and others are raging hypocrites has no bearing. If a politician uses righteous indignation as a tool, he must remain righteous. Was Weiner unrighteous?
  • Sending a half dressed picture via a public forum is stupid. Email or texting (sex+texting=sexting) are marginally better, until the recipient goes public. Is this immoral? No, but a Representative in a representative democracy needs to use better discretion.
  • The primary reason Rep. Anthony Weiner must resign is he lied. When asked about the picture, he said he didn't send the picture of a tightly wrapped (you say it, I can't) hoping it will wind up between a bun (OK, I did worse). He didn't lie for national security or to protect someone's life. He lied to avoid being embarrassed. He lied to protect his reputation (oops). He didn't say what he said yesterday. When faced with an extremely uncomfortable personal humiliation his first instinct was to LIE. I expect more from an elected representative. I will miss his passion but he must resign.
Sometimes telling the truth really sucks but lying will bite in the butt every single time.

What do you think? Can you make a case for Anthony Weiner to stay in public office? Please take a moment and share your opinion.

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