Friday, June 3, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson Trust 30 Day Challenge: Day 3, I Am An Island.

Today's prompt is to write about a time you have stood alone contrary to the beliefs of friends and family. What drove or motivated you and how did you deal with the ramifications?

This challenge is extremely unsettling. I don't wear a mask to blog and I include my family when appropriate. I also don't blog with my blinds, windows and doors wide open. I strongly believe that:

  • Family disagreements exist.
  • Passionate people argue passionately.
  • Disagreements and arguments are held behind closed doors.
  • Once issues are resolved, parties to the disagreement face the public united.
Still, accepting a challenge means all in or not in at all.

To this point, my working life has always been as a professional employee. I had a union job and was paid above scale. Pension and family medical/dental+ were 100% employer paid. My position ended Sept., 2008. I have not had full time employment since.

Myself, my wife and our families know only the career path of an employee. Bot my brothers in law are talented. One is an artist, the other a financial planning trainer. Neither has chosen the path of business owner. One is a very successful employee and one would like to be an employee again. My wife wants me to follow in the footsteps of her successful employee brother.

I have chosen the path of an entrepreneur. I plan to launch a service business creating life cycle ceremonies for secular/unaffiliated families as soon as I can gather the $$ for domain and business cards. My wife is unhappy with my decision.

I am the sole provider for my family and I understand my wife's desire for stability. I am still networking for full time employment but as a middle ager+, I refuse to pine for and invitation to the prom after making it very clear I'm available as a prom date.

Most of the employees I know have taken pay reduction to stay employed. They put in extra hours and sweat each week's sales as though the business was their own.  I admire their work ethic. I might as well do the very same things for my own business.

It's apparent there is no resolution to this conflict between my wife and I as of yet. I am confident in my success but only time will tell.

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