Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Lesson Jujutsu.

Had a quite an interesting conversation with Little Suzy this morning. Actually, it wasn't much of a conversation. I snarled, she cried. I know I won the battle but I'm not sure about the war.
Safety First.
I'm not an absolutist (not talking vodka loyalty here) on almost everything. Some might think it's crazy the way I view proper car seating. My son, Mario is thin. He remained in a booster seat until age 10 due to height and weight recommendations. It'll be the same with Little Suzy. Once in a while when traveling with a relative or school friend parent, the kids were able to ride in the back seat without a booster. Never in the front seat. In preschool, the Septran driver had Little Suzy in the front seat. That arrangement survived exactly one trip.
An Elephant (and Little Suzy) Never Forgets.
Source: morgueFile
6:35 this morning. Little Suzy and I exit the front door for the car. I accompany Little Suzy to her bus stop one block away. During inclement weather (rainy days and mid-October through mid-May inclusive) I drive her and we wait in the car for the school bus. Call me an environmental terrorist if you will; I get called worse names when I revoke dessert privileges for the kids. This morning there was one minor snafu.

Post a mid summer garage sale there are donation items stored in the garage. This week is dedicated to taking said donations to donation sites thus making the garage more conducive to parking cars in the winter. Both rows of  back seats are folded down in the Rondo to expedite making fewer trips to the donation center.
"Hey, Suzy. You're going to have to sit in the front." 
     "No Daddy, I sit in the middle row."
"Suzy, the seats are folded down. Just sit in the front."
     "Daddy, I don't want Mommy to be upset."
"Suzy, Mommy won't be upset. Get in the car."
     "Daddy, I'd rather walk to the bus stop."
"Suzy, It's 6:35 AM. It's dark, damp and windy. I am not standing out in this weather."
     "But, Daddy..."
The conversation had 2 or 3 more exchanges but you get the idea. I prevailed and Little Suzy got in the car (and on the school bus) crying. Cancel my "Dad of the Year" nomination.
  • Was it the greatest parent decision? No. A great decision would have been to spend the time folding up the seat for Suzy and then folding down the seat to cart donations. I wasn't spending more time on seat folding than on driving to and from the bus stop. 
  • Suzy being OK with pissing me off to not upset Mommy? That's okay. Suzy loves me like a daughter but make no mistake, Suzy is Mommy's girl. 
  • Suzy remembering about not sitting in the front seat but forgetting about listening to Daddy? Suzy is just getting us both ready for the teen years. 
  • Me and Suzy? We're fine. It'll be forgotten by time she gets home from school. For a little added incentive, I'll have a snack ready and make chili (a Suzy favorite) for dinner tomorrow. 
And life goes on.


  1. Absolutely, Bruce with all the shortcomings of being human. I wasn't upset but I also had to cop to my responsibility in the failure to communicate. I think the best part of the whole thing was the true delight Little Suzy took in ratting me out to my wife.