Friday, October 21, 2011

Review and Revise.

Some updates on past posts:

Last week, the Cubs were on the verge of hiring Theo Epstein to guide them to their 1st World Series title in over a century and 1st World Series appearance in over 6 decades. 8 days later and so far no press conference. Sports talkers say the hiring will happen. Hopefully these are not the same sports experts whose preseason predictions start with: This is definitely the year the Cubs return to the World Series.

Last month, I shared my opinion about "Up All Night" a new NBC sitcom (without the com). I sacrificed another episode and a half to confirm my earlier conclusion. "Up All Night" is unintentionally unfunny. Looking for laughs? Discover "Whitney". Be forewarned if you find cohabitation sans ceremony personally challenging. Also, the supporting characters are stereotypes and not yet two dimensional. Still, the banter is sharp and the relationship between Whitney and significant other Alex makes a great way to spend a 1/2 hour.

Earlier this week, I posted about an exchange between my daughter, Little Suzy and me. I'm not sure which is my favorite part of the aftermath: Little Suzy's sheer delight in ratting me out to Mommy or the tread marks on my chest after my wife threw me under the bus. "Daddy had you sit in the front seat? Daddy knows better than that. Good for you Suzy." after telling me "It's only a block, no big deal." It may be a man's world but the expiration date is getting closer.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

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