Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Look At Me. I'm Important.

I've seen a recent pattern in some of the Twitter bios. "RT's/follow do not indicate endorsement". Thanks for sharing. You get 160 characters (not letters; characters include spaces and punctuation) to tell the Twitterverse about yourself.  You choose to share who you might not endorse? Let me offer the not-necessarily an endorser a tip: NO ONE CARES!

Similar behavior occurs in businesses and PTA's across the country. "Can you believe (s)he didn't take my advice?" "Why wasn't I selected for the project group?" "My opinion was ignored,  yet again."
  • You were ignored or not selected for a reason. The reason my be meritorious or petty but the decision maker doesn't care and those around you care even less. 
  • Your advice wasn't put into play. Maybe the advice was bad. Perhaps you were asked merely as a courtesy. Yammering on incredulously about the lunacy of choosing a path other than the path you advised turns you from irrelevant to boring.

Along these lines, please refrain from beginning a sentence, "If you want my opinion..." If your opinion was wanted, your opinion would have been requested. If your opinion isn't requested, why offer your opinion? Irrelevant (skip boring) to boorish. As I conclude this rant, it's not that people shouldn't speak up or speak out when appropriate. Be judicious in deeming appropriateness. Everyone will be a bit happier.

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