Thursday, October 27, 2011

ROL: Define Yourself.

ROL (return on life) is a qualitative corollary to the quantitative metric, ROI (return on investment). Just as ROI strives for incremental investment driving disproportionately large returns, ROL strives for small incremental changes that greatly increase quality of life. This week's ROL is about defining yourself.
Time Flies.
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Yesterday, the incredible Bruce Sallan posted on the great 12 Most blog (If you've read Bruce or seen 12 Most, you know the adjectives are not hyperbole). Once you get beyond the whole considering my own mortality thing, Bruce's post is really uplifting. Bruce lays out in spades the most important gifts he can leave his boys.
Who Am I?
Bruce got me thinking, What do I stand for? If I can't define myself and my beliefs, how can I assist my kids or my friends? Many of life's choices are tougher than mayo or mustard, Cheddar or Swiss? If I'm not clear on who I am once life goes beyond the sandwich board I'm in trouble. Fly by the seat of my pants management is no way to approach the tough times of life and no way to set an example for my kids.
What Do I Do?
Take a look around. You don't have to go far to find someone who believes in theirself, first, last, always. Turn the other direction and you find someone dedicated to alcohol fueled infidelity. The worlds of politics, entertainment, finance and sports are full of "role models" parsing words to describe their activities until the sentences are mere gibberish.  I'm not moralizing or judging, but these examples don't work for me. Perhaps, by establishing self definition, (some of) these situations could be avoided before they begin.
One of today's must-do activities is crafting a personal mission statement. Usually a personal mission statement is part of job search. Often a personal mission statement is part of developing a personal brand. Defining oneself shouldn't be merely career oriented nor does it need to be as formalized as a personal mission statement.
Make A List.
Start with one self definition. A single sentence or a simple concept built by short sentences. Wait a day or a week and add another. Keep the list handy. Refer to the list often. Add to the list when required. Share the list when appropriate. Here's my first self definition:
Life is one-third of what happens to me, two-thirds how I respond. That one-third that happens to me can be rough. Still, two-thirds of life is via response. That means full responsibility. I am responsible for my life.
What do you think about self-definitions? Do you have a list? Will you share a self-definition?

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