Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Done Something Right.

As Christmas Day became Boxing Day, Little Suzy wandered into the big bedroom. "Daddy, I lost a tooth." Even in my sleep induced stupor, I knew the Tooth Fairy was grounded as Christmas Eve morphed into Christmas Day . Santa Claus needs uncluttered airspace. I wasn't sure if the Tooth fairy worked on Dec. 26th when Christmas occured on Sunday; different unions have different contracts. I did know I didn't want to get out of bed. "Suzy, are you OK?". "I'm fine Daddy", Suzy answered. "Leave the tooth on your dresser. We'll take care of this in the morning."
As I was getting ready to leave in the morning, I ran into Little Suzy coming out of her bedroom.
     "Suzy, I'm sorry I didn't do anything with your tooth last night. I was very tired."
"That's okay Daddy. I left the Tooth Fairy a note. Do you want to know what I asked for?"
     "Only if you want to tell me Suzy."
"I asked for $200 for both you and Mommy. I know you could use the help."

Somewhere in this crazy and unsure thing called parenthood (friendship? life?) Mommy and I must have done something right.

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