Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Savor The Moment.

Last night was Little Suzy's Holiday Program at school. Given the season, most of the girls and some of the boys came dressed in their best. If you've been in the stores you've seen the way girls clothes appear to be categorized: infant, preschool, little girl, big girl, adult. Suzy is transitioning from little girl to big girl. Big girl runs from 8 yrs. old to early/mid teenager.  Suzy was still happy to wear a little girl "party" dress. That was a big relief for me and mommy. It seems the next dress we will be getting for Little Suzy is a strapless cocktail dress and I'm not ready for that.
We brought Little Suzy a rose for her performance. I wonder if the rose was actually for us, as a reminder to smell the roses.


  1. She looks like she is very happy with her look. Congrats, mom and dad

  2. Thanks. She is a bit of a clothes horse. Congrats just to Mom for that. Still, Suzy is at a very fun age.