Saturday, December 17, 2011

In My Opinion...

 I Got You Pajamas That Double As Underwear.
As we head toward shopping D-Day the local sports talker has a heavy rotation commercial from an e-tailer specializing in women's sleepwear. Pajamas thru the mail for your sweetie? It's cheaper and less work than department store jewelery, right guys? The pajama purveyor is offering a unique two-fer:
  • A snuggie with hood and feet (aka sweat suit burka) and
  • Silky pajamas designed not to wear too long due to lack of comfort and/or lack of material.
With the money saved, why not throw in a Chapstick? Guys, no jury would convict her.
source: morgueFile
 And 100,000 Pounds Of Doritos.
Former (as of yesterday) Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was indicted on federal narcotic charges. At a meeting with a federal undercover agent Hurd took delivery on 1 kilo of cocaine. Hurd also tried to arrange weekly delivery of 5-10 kilos of cocaine and 1000 lbs. of marijuana. That's over 25 tons of marijuana annually. For comparison, two male and two female elephants combined would weigh an average of 23 tons. Holding in abeyance (for now) the discussion about legalizing marijuana: In the war on drugs, drugs are winning the battle and the war.
source: Wikipedia
 I Love My Kids. Really.
Today is the first day of seventeen consecutive days that my kids are out of school. The Rockford Public School system calls this winter break. The use of the word break asks the question, a break for who? Still, I'd rather have my kids to complain about, than not have my kids.

Only 4 full shopping days until the winter solstice. Enjoy the malls.


  1. I am way old enough to be able to do what ever the heck I want to do!! I am sick of these "elected" ones controlling our every action. What if I don't want to wear a helmet. AND I made it!! I rode my motor cycle without a helmet.AND I made it again. The wind blowing thru my hair......well I realize most of us have gotten use to seat belts and feel secure in them. However, My son's life was saved 2 times and a friend who if they had their belts on they would have broken their their backs, ribs, hips, etc. instead they were knocked to the other side. hmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. There are a few people who are better off without seat belts in an accident. The overwhelming odds are that people do much better in an accident if they are restrained within a vehicle instead of being ejected from it, thrown through the air, and hitting something outside. Helmets protect your head. Talk to emergency room doctors and nurses and ask them what they see. Then make up your mind.

  3. Wowwie Kazowie, the post lead to helmets and seat belts. A- thanks for getting the conversation started. As always, I suggest that you add your name and own your comments. Pat- Thanks for offering your take, especially given your occasionally skeptical view of our medical system. I will offer the sagest advice I have ever gotten on thoughts of A-s nature: Our pediatrician was a former youth grouper of mine. Actually Doc is in a family practice and is still my physician-at 75 miles away. When it came time for vaccinations for my son, Doc said "There is some controversy about vaccinations. Some bad stuff can happen, albeit rarely. I think that the risk of being vaccinated significantly outweighs the risk of not being vaccinated." I think the same goes for helmets and seat belts.

    Wishing you both a great conclusion to 2011 and a kickin' kickoff to 2012.

  4. Barry, interesting to note that in our part of the country no skimpy outfit is offered at all, only the hoodie footie, which resembles a toddler's snowsuit and flatters nobody, not even the models in the commercial.

  5. AZ and all they offer is the sweatsuit? That's worse thinking then the guy that puts that under the tree and thinks he's doing well.