Thursday, December 15, 2011

ROL: Tie The Bow, Curl The Ribbon.

ROL (return on life) is a qualitative corollary to the quantitative metric, ROI (return on investment). Just as ROI strives for incremental investment driving disproportionately large returns, ROL strives for small incremental changes that greatly increase quality of life. This week's ROL is about packaging.


We are in a series of gift giving and gift getting. Receiving a gift is always exciting. Like the aroma of a home cooked meal or the sheeting of a glass of wine it is the same with a gift; the senses are aroused prior to experiencing the actual product.

Perhaps the greatest gift anyone can offer is their wisdom. Whether sharing a compliment or critique, remember that the wrapping effects the perception of the words. Plan accordingly.


  1. Me, too. I'm merely opinionated. Merry Xmas, Francesca.

  2. Wisdom is real treasure, isn't it?

    I think you're right - the way we package our words has a huge impact on how they're received.

    On the other hand, I better not wait for "just the right packaging" in order to listen carefully to advice from others. That would be the opposite of wise!

  3. EVERYONE has their own strength, goodness and wisdom! Never underestimate yours. Great post, Barry - thanks! I would agree - approach is essential!

  4. H-Dad, Thanks for stopping by. As for your end-not waiting for the right package to listen carefully, I agree. It's important to listen carefully, non-defensively and then separate the wheat from the chaff. When someone makes a suggestion, they may very well be right, but than again not so. It's important to own that upon which you act.
    Vena, So nice to see a comment from you...especially when you agree :-). Good to see you in the stream and increasing incrementally when the mood is with you.

    Thanks to you both for offering your thoughts. May the last 2 weeks of 2011 be great and a great stepping stone to 2012.