Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life's Small Moments.

I saw this in my Twitterstream from @Chapmanooka 
3 Dec
why should we settle for a few moments, when a lifetime of struggle and passion are dismissed as trivial?
It took me a bit to try and place the tweet in context. I finally decided the tweet was based on my blog description "It is life's small moments...". Since the tweet was a reference to my blog, I decided to respond via my blog.
Yes, moments. The best example I can offer is my wedding. It was a great day. Sure, the out-door ceremony was moved (wisely) indoors due to an oncoming thunderstorm. Yes, my mother's choice to not attend the wedding is still disturbing. But when I think of my wedding, the first memory I recall is the first dance with my new bride. A friend had brought small containers of bubbles and my wife and I danced ("One Hand, One Heart" for those keeping score at home) our first dance encircled by friends blowing bubbles. Despite the significance and grandeur of the day, it's the bubbles and the love they represent that signify the day. And so it goes with a lifetime. In the midst of both the grand and mundane are small defining moments that carry forward.
Dismissed As Trivial.
By who? The only entity with the power to define or dismiss your "moments" is you. No one can take your "moments" from you unless you empower the taker. I don't allow others to minimize my moments because I don't really care what anybody else thinks. I realize this lack of concern for the opinion of others may be extreme. A more modified approach is simple self-belief. Believing in yourself makes it hard for others to take away things you value. So don't let anyone dismiss your lifetime of struggle and passion and it won't happen. It's about you, no one else.

OK, @Chapmanooka it's your turn. Agree or disagree and tell me why. The conversation is open to anyone.


  1. The small things of life are the best! Hello from Rome!

  2. I don't think lifetimes of struggle or passion are dismissed as trivial. Great artists have created great works of passion. Those who struggle can be emulated for what they have learned about overcoming adversity. I remember wailing to my mother when I was a kid, "It is not fair." She replied, "Life is not fair." And it isn't, but you do the best you can. Pat Iyer, www.avoidmedicalerrors.com

  3. Hi Francesca, Hope all is well in Rome for you and that your daughter's career as a singer is taking off. Thanks for dropping by and yes, the small things are indeed special.

    Pat, with you all the way and as I said, no one can minimize another's life of struggle/passion unless enabled by the passionate struggler. My memories/body of work is valued first and foremost by me.