Thursday, December 8, 2011

ROL: Remember Tomorrow.

ROL (Return On Life) is about engaging in small incremental changes that can have a large positive impact on living life. It is a non-quantitative adaptation of the financial measure ROI (return on investment). This week's ROL is about patience and perspective.

I had two posts that I've written this week that I really like and Friday's topic is chosen. Thursday is "Return On Life", my longest standing feature topic and as of bedtime Wednesday I was void of topic. Which brings me to today's topic, Tomorrow.

There are tasks that need to get done, tasks that should get done and tasks that would be nice to get done. It's important to classify daily tasks in the right category. The efficiency experts can opine about prioritizing tasks, that's not my strength. I don't like to see energy burnt on personal agenda items that shouldn't burn energy.
Need To Get Done.
Today, the kids need to be sent off to school with breakfast and I need to make dinner. The consequences for failing these tasks are obvious.
Should Get Done.
Today, I should obtain information about my wife's high school transcript, talk to the devil my bank about my mortgage modification, donate plasma and post the weekly ROL. The consequences of not completing one of these tasks wouldn't be wonderful but also not drastic. Not completing any of these tasks wouldn't make for a nice dinner.
Nice To Get Done.
Today, it would be nice to knock out a couple of loads of laundry, fix my iTunes, menu plan next week and get a head start on Friday's post. But if I fail to make headway with any of these tasks, the tasks wind up on tomorrow's should or need to get done list.
Perspective And Patience.
My blog has been one of the few things I have regularly delivered at a high level the last couple of months. So after the kids were fed and ready for school, I'm putting the post together. I still have plenty of time before dinner. This post isn't the great American Blog Post, but it's on topic and pertinent about patience and perspective (as well as alliterative). I will have plenty time to call my wife's high school for the transcript and Lucifer the loan officer about the modification before I donate plasma.

Instead of beating myself up and staring at a blank screen I knew that not being able to write wouldn't be the end of the world or even the end of my blogging. I took a breath, gave myself a break an here's a post. No angst and everything else on the list will be accomplished. Some days it really is that simple.

Is it that simple for you?  Do you prioritize and achieve or do you find your wheels spinning and nothing getting done? Do you have a plan for forging ahead?

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